The NOLA Mural Project is looking for the following:


If you are a street artist or muralist who wants to paint a mural as part of the NOLA Mural Project please reach out and we will try and find a wall for you.  Artists will receive a modest stipend and have their expenses covered.  Artists travelling from out of state will have their airfare and lodging expenses covered as well.  

Property Owners

Do you have a wall that would be a great place for a mural?  Or do you just have a location that would be a great location but you don’t own the property? Take a pic, note the address, and email it to us here. We will do our best to track down the property owner. 

(Not all walls are good fits.  Here’s some guidance on what we are looking for. Broad expanses of brick or plaster are best.  Weatherboard will work too if it is in the right location.  We aren’t looking for walls in the Vieux Carré or for that matter any wall on the front elevation of an historic building.   The side or rear elevation is okay if it is an historic building or the front elevation if it is not historic.)  

Another thing to keep in mind is the NOLA Mural Project is an opportunity for us to spread culture through non-commercial art. So, if you think great subject matter for your wall might be the thing you sell at your business, then we aren't the best fit. (A better fit would probably be a billboard company.)


Do you have a love of art and a willingness to put in some hours?  We want your help with everything from showing visiting artists the best place to catch Big Freeda to petitioning to tabling to helping go get paint to making sandwiches to ..., well, you get the idea.  Give us a shout.  


You provide three room nights for an artist travelling from out of state.  We tell you how awesome you are and, with your permission, give you our vocal thanks right here on this website and on our printed materials.   


Interested in helping us draft an artist agreement, owner permission form and indemnity agreement?  Give us a shout.   

Hoteliers, Restauranteurs, and Music Club Owners

Some of our artists are coming in from out of town. Can you offer a few hotel nights, gift certificates for meals, or club admission?   We won’t auction it off.  It will be for our artists.  If we can’t use we will return the gift certificates to you.   

Short Term Rental Owners

Throw some of those unrented nights our way!    

Lift and Paint

These are big expenses. Can you spare a lift for a couple of days?  We will give you our eternal, undying gratitude. And more importantly we will give you our insurance certificates, a waiver of liability, and an indemnification agreement. 

Arts Organizations

Are you an arts organization that wants to collaborate or help in any way? Then we want to hear from you! We are especially looking to partner with a registered 501( c)(3) organization that can accept donations and like kind contributions.