The NOLA Mural Project is pretty simple. We believe that vibrant, diverse art makes for vibrant, diverse neighborhoods. As a means to that end we are pairing street artists with walls. No bureaucratic advisory panels, review boards, or committees…..just artists creating their work and New Orleanians who support the arts helping make it happen.

If you are an artist who wants to paint a mural let us know. If you own a wall and want (at no-cost to you) an amazing work of art that will make our community better let us know. We’ll make the match, organize everything, and even provide the paint. That’s the NOLA Mural Project.

Mural by @brendonart, 1441 North Claiborne Avenue

“And I think of public art as a team sport. The outcome is only possible with the interaction of all the players.”

— Janet Echelman